Exploring Newark Diverse Fitness Scene: A Review of 5 Unique Gyms

By James

Newark, New Jersey, boasts a vibrant fitness landscape, offering residents various gyms tailored to different workout preferences and fitness goals. In this blog article, we will review five popular gyms in Newark: Planet Fitness, Arrival Fitness, Evolution Fitness, CKO Kickboxing, and Method Climbing. We’ll dive into their facilities, amenities, and workout options to help you decide which gym best suits your needs.

  1. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness in Newark is a part of a well-known chain that prides itself on providing a “Judgement Free Zone” for its members. Designed to create a comfortable environment for people of all fitness levels, the gym offers affordable membership rates and 24/7 access.

Facilities include a wide range of cardio and strength training equipment, dedicated stretching and abs areas, and access to a limited number of group classes. Members can also take advantage of free personal training sessions and post-workout relaxation with massage chairs.

  1. Arrival Fitness

Arrival Fitness is a modern gym in Newark that focuses on providing top-notch facilities and a wide array of workout options. The gym features state-of-the-art cardio machines, free weights, and strength training equipment to cater to all fitness levels.

Members can join group fitness classes, including HIIT, Zumba, and yoga, or opt for personal training services. Additional amenities at Arrival Fitness include locker rooms, showers, and a juice bar for post-workout refreshments.

  1. Evolution Fitness

Evolution Fitness in Newark is a boutique gym that emphasizes functional training and group fitness. The facility promotes a sense of community and personalized attention, providing a more intimate workout experience.

The gym offers various classes, such as HIIT, TRX, and boot camps, designed to challenge and engage members. Personal training services are available for individuals seeking tailored workout plans. Evolution Fitness is an excellent choice for those who enjoy group workouts and a supportive fitness community.

  1. CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing in Newark specializes in kickboxing-based fitness classes, offering a high-energy and unique workout experience. The gym’s motivating atmosphere and engaging trainers make it a great choice for those looking for an intense, full-body workout.

Classes at CKO Kickboxing combine cardio, strength training, and self-defense techniques for a well-rounded fitness routine. The gym is suitable for people of all fitness levels, with instructors providing modifications to accommodate different abilities.

  1. Method Climbing

Method Climbing stands out in Newark’s fitness scene with its diverse offerings, catering to both climbing enthusiasts and those looking for more traditional fitness options. The facility features an extensive range of climbing walls for beginners and experienced climbers alike.

In addition to climbing, Method Climbing offers yoga and fitness classes to complement members’ climbing activities. The gym provides training programs and workshops to help climbers hone their technique and develop their skills.

Method Climbing also emphasizes the importance of community, organizing monthly events that foster connections between members. These events create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage members to engage with one another, adding a unique social dimension to the fitness experience.


Newark’s fitness landscape offers a variety of gyms catering to different preferences and goals. From traditional gym workouts and group fitness classes to kickboxing and climbing, there’s a gym in Newark for everyone. Method Climbing stands out with its diverse offerings and emphasis on community, providing a well-rounded fitness experience. Before making a decision, consider visiting each gym, taking a tour, and trying out a class to determine which facility best aligns with your fitness goals and workout preferences.