2022 Bouldering Regionals Info Page

First things first, there are a couple of things you need to fill out
Create an Account/Sign a Waiver
We require all visitors to sign a liability release or have a current copy on file in order to enter our facility. You can save time and fill this out before getting to the gym. If you have a child under 18, you must create your account first and add them as a dependent.
Orientation Video
This video will go over the basic rules and guidelines here at Method Climbing and Fitness. We require all first time videos to watch this video and fill out the respective form. It is a huge time saver to do this now! Make sure you click the link underneath the video to fill out the form!
Vaccination Proof
The city of Newark is mandating most businesses require patrons to provide proof of vaccination in order to enter. Use the link below to upload beforehand to save time. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that with everyone’s help, we can get through this together.

Entering the Building

  • Competitors MUST use the competitors entrance shown to the right. This will take you directly to ISO.
  • Spectators may use the normal cafe entrances.

Vaccine Mandate

Through executive order, the City of Newark mandated that proof of vaccination is required for entry in most business, including recreational facilities like Method. As such, Method will require proof of at least one covid shot by Jan 10th. The order explicitly allows a medical exemption signed by a medical professional. And although the order does not explicitly allow a religious exemption, the State of NJ generally does require one.

So in order to best comply with city and state mandates/laws, we will allow a credible religious exemption. But those using these exemptions, we will require a negative PCR test prior to the event.

Please use link below to upload your proof of vaccination, signed medical documents supporting your medical exemption, or credible religious exemption statement. You can also use this form to upload for the negative PCR test requirement.

What are the requirements for unvaccinated people relying on medical or religious exemption?

As many of you are already aware, Method will require a negative covid test before the event for anyone who isn’t vaccinated.  With the current difficulties in obtaining a PCR test, as well as the potential for delayed results, Method will allow a negative test (PCR or antigen (lab or at-home)) at any time after January 6th. You can use this form to upload your negative covid test or provide a negative test result the morning of the event.  With the addition of antigen testing to the prior PCR requirement, no exceptions to the testing requirement will be provided. Thus, all unvaccinated persons must now show a negative COVID test (PCR or antigen) to be able to attend.

For those needing a PCR testing resource, there is a great facility in West Orange, NJ that doesn’t require an appointment and you can get results in 2 days.  And it tests your saliva not a nose swab.

Additionally, at-home antigen tests are available at many drugstores. Method Climbing will also have a limited supply of antigen tests available for pickup prior to the event at the Method Café, if you are unable to obtain one on your own. If you have expended all efforts at obtaining a test on your own and are unable to do so, please email james@nullmethodclimb.com to inquiry about obtaining a test from the gym, which will be placed in a plain envelope for privacy purposes. Please wait to receive notification that a test is available for pick up prior to coming to the Café.

We strongly encourage all individuals upload their negative test results or proof of vaccination as soon as possible in an effort to expedite the check-in process on the day of the competition.

Is there garage parking?

We have negotiated a deal where competition participants can park in a parking garage all day for $6. This garage is located at 20 Atlantic St, Newark, NJ.

Please take ticket with you to Method.  And we will validate your ticket in the cafe.

How many spectators can I bring?

Unfortunately due to COVID, every competitor is allowed only 1 spectator pass. If you need another spectator pass, we encourage you to volunteer as they will be allowed to spectate their climber. No other spectator passes will be given out.

Wave Info
Live Scoring

See live scoring using link below