8k sqft of Bouldering Terrain
15′ High Walls
Certified Setting Staff
5-6 Week Turnaround
Competition Style Boulders
4k sqft of Top Roping Terrain
30′ High Walls
20 Top Roping Stations
10 Autobelays
Moon Board
Tension Board
Campus Board
Hang Board Station
Spray Wall

Climbing Classes

If you are new to climbing, we encourage you to try our Intro to Climbing class to get you started off right. If you are interested in rope climbing, additional training is necessary. Check out our belay class to get certified. When you’re ready for more, Movement 101 provides the groundwork for proper technique to get you thinking like a seasoned climber.

Members only / Free!
This basic introduction to climbing is recommended to everyone new to the sport. You will learn the basics of climbing (and falling) while meeting new people.

Not a member? Our intro package is the perfect 2-week trial.
$15 Members only!
Free rental gear
Learn top rope climbing skills including how to wear a harness properly, tie a figure-eight knot, communicate with your partner, and belay properly. Includes rental gear and a day pass. Required for all new rope climbers. MUST BE 14 OR OLDER.
$20 Member / $40 Non-member
This introductory class is geared toward basic climbing movement and technique. You will learn how to climb more efficiently through balance, tension, and footwork.

Youth Programs

Our positive youth development programs strengthen young people’s sense of identity, belief in the future, self-regulation, and self-efficacy as well as their social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral competence. Additionally Method Youth programs can promote physical health, support reducing risky behaviors, and provide a safe and supportive environment for children and youth to flourish.

Method Comp Team
Mon + Wed + Thu
4:00pm – 8:00pm
Who’s it for? Climbers who are serious about not only making but also succeeding in USAC Nationals and beyond.

What will they learn? More than just strength, the top climbers have superior technique, problem-solving skills, and mental fortitude. All of these skills can be acquired and improved upon. Method coaches use stations (ie, mantle, shadow-walk, coordination), video review, and a healthy does of onsighting to teach technical and problem-solving skills. Moreover, Method’s competition style setting is ideal for preparing climbers at the national level.
Method JV Team
Tue + Fri
4:30pm – 6:30pm
Who’s it for? The JV Team is meant for skilled young climbers interested in working towards becoming a smarter, stronger climber, consistency in a fitness program, and/or a spot in our advanced youth competitive program.

What will they learn? JV Team climbers will be introduced to the fundamentals of a training program – including consistent strength + fitness conditioning, competition style climbing + intermediate to advanced climbing technique, injury prevention, and having fun. After all, the best climber is the one having the most fun.
Power Pullers
10am – 12pm
Who’s it for? Open to all ages but we may separate into more appropriate age groups. This is for anyone who enjoys and wants to improve their climbing.

What will they learn? Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors craft unique, weekly lesson plans meant to meet each individual student at their personal level, while challenging them mentally as well as physically; helping to develop strength, balance, focus, problem solving skills, and confidence through climbing games, trust exercises, and teamwork-based challenges. Your child will learn the basics of climbing technique and bouldering in a supportive and fun social environment.

Group Events

Have a large group wanting to try climbing?  Method has a special group pricing that includes instruction and/or assistance. Climbing is also a great team-building activity and a fun alternative to typical corporate events. 

Group Climbing Event
Group event with assistance
Day Pass
Free Gear Rental
2 Hours Instruction & Assistance

50% Deposit of Event Total
Corporate Event
Great for team-building
Day Pass
Free Gear Rental
Group activities
2 Hours Instruction & Assistance

50% Deposit of Event Total


What's the difference between top roping and bouldering?

Think of bouldering as a sprint and top roping as a long jog. When you’re bouldering you’re trying as hard as you can on a couple of moves, and when you’re top roping you’re testing your endurance. Our bouldering walls are 15 feet, and our rope walls are 30. Top roping and using our auto belays also requires a harness and some extra orientation, so make sure to stop by the desk if you’re interested.

What should I wear? What should I bring with me?

Any sort of athletic wear will work just fine! Pants are suggested, as our walls and holds are new and pretty sharp, but shorts are just fine as well. Make sure to bring some water with you! We have a bottle refilling station downstairs in the gym, but if you forget, we sell water and other assorted drinks in the cafe. Street shoes are not permitted on our climbing walls, but we have rental climbing shoes available at the front desk if you don’t have your own.

What are auto-belays? Do we have any?

Yes! We do have auto-belays. Auto-belays are machines that do a belayers job, and allow you to climb in our rope climbing area even if you don’t have a partner. We currently have 10 auto-belays so there are plenty of options. They do require a harness and some extra orientation, so make sure to stop by the front desk for more information.

Do we have climbing classes?

Absolutely! Right now we’re starting out with the basics with an intro to climbing class and a top rope belay class. Scroll up for more information!