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From beginners to crushers, Method provides fun and challenging climbs for all.



Method is a complete fitness solution with comprehensive equipment and classes.

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Method Climbing Gym
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Amazing gym. Friendly workers and good community.
Response from the owner: Thanks Steven!
management is rude to their staff within the cafe space. the gym doesnt feel welcoming or inclusive
Response from the owner: We try to go above and beyond to welcome everyone into the community. So I'm very surprised and sorry that you had that experience. Write me an email to and I make amends.
Great climbs, reasonable prices, nice people 😌
Response from the owner: Thanks Soup!
great bouldering, great vibes. friendly people.
Response from the owner: Thanks Cat!
Sweet space, great setting, would highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thanks Brent!
Great bouldering walls. Staff is friendly and helpful too.
Response from the owner: Thanks Stephen!
Awesome place. Huge, lots to explore. Great hang too. People are cool, staff and members. Cafe made the best cortado I can remember too.
Response from the owner: Thanks Andrew!
the guy was very gracious and everything. but my issue is the pass or fail policy of the top rope certification. i didn't know that tying in to the two tie-in points is preferable and always used the belay loop. while it's great to learn the knowledge, it would've been great to just let me fix it and climb especially when i just want to do top more thing, no service in the basement is a tad inconvenient
Response from the owner: I'm sorry for the inconvenience! It is fairly typical to require.abother visit to pass a failed belay test but I'd agree that your mistake was something that could have been retested in the moment. Sorry about that!
I had a pleasant time here! the employees were very hospitable and helped me and my family. the only complaint would be the prices… rentals do not include chalk, so i would suggest bringing some of your own.
Response from the owner: Thanks Kevin!
Eight of the 10 light fixtures in the top roping area have been non-functional for over six weeks now. I've brought it to the attention of staff on multiple occasions. The place is already dismal as there is no natural lighting. When will this safety issue be addressed?
Response from the owner: Sorry but it's not easy to fix those fixtures because they are so high up. The lights actually work but flicker and our guests requested that we turn them off until they get fixed. We have been asking ownership to fix them for a while. Coincidentally, they are getting fixed next week.