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From beginners to crushers, Method provides fun and challenging climbs for all.



Method is a complete fitness solution with comprehensive equipment and classes.

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Sofia SantosSofia Santos ★★★★★ one of the best gyms out in the tri-state area. community's at 110%. i <3 the staff. location is accessible with public transportation with NJ transit & broad st station. parking is near. there is climbing gear for sale in their cafe.the entire gym is well-maintained. has a kilter board + tension board 2 + moon board. the route setters switch out the climbs mindfully and consistently, providing every level of climber with a good variety.would recommend checking their instagram @methodclimb for updates on their hours, offers, their fitness classes (TRX, capoeira, yoga, adult training program, etc.) and their maaaaany events such as shoe demos, vendor markets, mixers, LGBTQ+ meetups, ladies' night, college night, monthly mock competitions, and more. super easy to get to know other climbers & find your people.some of their events offer discounts for day passes as well, so those new to climbing can experience both the community and climbs with great valuefor first timers or long-time members, method's perfect. always a good timeResponse from the ownerSofia, thank you for the detailed review! Daniel VillaniDaniel Villani ★★☆☆☆ The staff were extremely rude, the atmosphere was bad and the gym is in a muggy basement. The climbs are good if you like comp style but the other factors keep me away.Response from the ownerSorry about your experience. I checked our customer database but I cannot find your name. Please contact us at I would like to get more details about your issues. Thanks. Andrew ShantzAndrew Shantz ★★★★★ Awesome place. Huge, lots to explore. Great hang too. People are cool, staff and members. Cafe made the best cortado I can remember too.Response from the ownerThanks Andrew! Anthony HarringtonAnthony Harrington ★★★★★ Had a great time with my 15 year old son. It was a challenge for both of us and we want to try it again.Response from the ownerThanks Anthony! Celestine TaiebCelestine Taieb ★★★★★ Cafe with good ambiance, check!Climbing , check!So many classes and events , check!Affordable , check!Response from the ownerThanks Celestine! Vanna GuoVanna Guo ★★★★★ Has tons of weights and workout equipment, even a ping pong table 🤯Response from the ownerThanks Vanna! js_loader