Bored of Your Fitness Routine? Get Fit and Have Fun with Climbing

By James

If you’re bored out of your mind running on the treadmill, you’ll love the mental stimulation, challenge, and social experience of climbing.  Exercising on gym equipment is mindless and thus requires motivation for follow through.  What if you can have fun while you get fit?  Here’s where climbing comes in.  Climbing is way more fun than exercising on any gym equipment because it engages the mind through problem-solving, is challenging but rewarding, and is very social in nature.

Climbing is a mental challenge

Climbing is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.  Bouldering routes are called “problems” for a reason.  The climb presents you with a puzzle that you solve through body movements and different techniques in order to reach the top.  The route may require fancy footwork, a strong core, contact strength, or just the ability to go for a hold that seems well out of your reach.  There’s often more than one way to do it, and people of different heights, sizes, and skills will end up completing a route totally differently–so one person’s beta (ie, method) might not work for you. Every route is a unique puzzle!

Climbing is rewarding

There is no better feeling than the sense of accomplishment that you feel when you finally reach one of your goals.  The harder it was to reach that goal, the greater the sense of accomplishment.  That is the essence of climbing.  You find your challenge, study the route, figure out the movements, and then climb to the top, where you take a moment to savor that sweet taste of well-earned victory.

It’s a confidence boost that keeps you coming back, leading to fast improvements in a short amount of time. The enthusiasm and satisfaction of climbing a wall without falling will make you want to try harder levels every time you go back, making it feel like an addiction to self-improvement.  So, if you find yourself motivated by challenges, you’ll probably enjoy climbing.

Climbing is social

Rock climbing, especially in a gym, is a very social sport.  There’s plenty of down time while you’re resting between climbs, so it’s very easy to meet other people if you hang out at climbing gyms. Unlike more competitive sports or gyms, climbing promotes collaboration and conversation. As you tackle new challenges, there will be people climbing alongside you and people willing to help if you get into a jam.  So, if you’re looking for a workout partner or maybe just a diverse group of friends, go hang out at your local climbing gym. You’re bound to meet some amazing people.