Indoor Rock Climbing to Find Your Flow State

By method

Commonly called “getting in the zone,” finding your flow state is an amazing experience. Your mind and your body feel like they are in perfect sync. Everything around you fades away so you can find a singular focus. It’s in this state that breakthroughs happen including the greatest athletic achievements. 

How do you reach this incredible state of mind? Indoor rock climbing is a dope method for getting in the zone. 

Why Flow State is an Awesome Goal

Finding your flow state isn’t just a nice, short-term feeling. It’s a key part of unlocking your potential and improving your mental and emotional health. Psychologists have found that a flow state offers benefits like:

  • Positive emotions
  • Greater self-confidence
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Willpower to persevere
  • Clearing the mind
  • Sharpening decision making
  • Feeling the mind and body sync

The memory and effects of these benefits last after you leave your flow state. You re-enter life and return to focusing on many different things at once feeling calmer and surer of yourself.

How Indoor Rock Climbing Sets You Up for Flow State

To get into a flow state, your circumstances need to involve:

  • A challenge
  • A need for focus
  • Involvement of the body and mind
  • A clear goal to accomplish

Indoor rock climbing provides all of these. It’s an intense, full-body exercise that incorporates adrenaline, challenges, focus, memory, and more. You know what your goal is, so it’s just a matter of forgetting everything else and getting completely absorbed. 

Plus, one of the many benefits of climbing is that other people can support you and cheer you on. Studies show that social engagement and a team approach makes “getting in the zone” even more rewarding. 

Achieving Flow State Through Climbing

If you stick to easy climbs you’ve completed before, you probably won’t reach a flow state. To get yourself in the zone through rock climbing, it’s wise to:

  • Choose challenging routes that are outside your comfort zone
  • Fight off fears ahead of time, so you can focus on the wall, not the fall
  • Engage your senses, thinking about your motions so you forget about everything else
  • Concentrate by removing distractions, including a watch to tell time

Zofia Reych, a climber and blogger, explains that in her experience, climbing helps her reach a flow state when a route seems impossible, and she fails a few times first. For example, she reached a flow state in order to successfully climb ‘Chaman’ in Fontainebleau. Part of her brain switched off to allow more focus on the problem at hand after some tough moments. Then, she achieved optimal performance as a result. 

Find Your Flow State at Method Climbing + Fitness

The facility at Method Climbing + Fitness is designed to help you get in the zone. You can achieve your flow state on our incredible rock walls. Serene and simple, the design of the climbing gym helps you clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. Plus, you can move from climbing to yoga in our traditional gym to maintain your inner strength and peace.

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