Weekends are Better at Newark’s First Rock Climbing Gym

By method

As the city with the fifth-highest concentration of college students on the east coast, you would expect Newark to be a happening place on the weekends. The trouble is after the students head home, there aren’t many weekend activities to choose from. If you don’t want to hit up a bar or hang out on campus, there isn’t a lot to do for adventure.

That’s where Method Climbing + Fitness comes in. You can find year-round fun and unique fitness opportunities to add excitement and find community. 

Weekends at Method Climbing + Fitness

Even if fitness is really important to you, chances are you want to try something new at the gym from time to time. Method Climb offers a complete fitness solution. We have your typical workout spaces and gym equipment- plus indoor rock climbing. You can join a fitness class, reach new heights on our climbing terrain, and connect with others at our full-service cafe and lounge.

If you’ve never scaled a climbing wall before, Method Climb has an adventure for beginners, but if you’re already a crusher, there are plenty of challenges too. 

Our cafe hosts college nights, DJ nights, competitions, and special events. You can meet other people, connect over adventures, and try new things. The full lounge and wi-fi in the cafe also make for a great hangout space in between classes or climbs. 

Man climbing rock

Why Indoor Rock Climbing

Your weekend goals probably include things like getting some exercise, having a blast, and hanging out with friends. These are some of the top reasons why indoor rock climbing is awesome. Plus, you get to work out your full body, and climbing is good for your mind, too. 

For example, climbing exercises your brain in ways that stave off boredom and depression. You make decisions, plan, focus, and develop resilience. Challenging yourself and then succeeding on the climb also gives you such a sense of accomplishment and confidence!

The Method Climb Community

One of the best parts of spending your weekend at Method Climb is getting to hang out with other people. Fitness and yoga classes are a great way to connect with others, and so is climbing. Our workshops and events also make it easy to meet people while having a ton of fun. Once you find your tribe at Method Climb, you’ll have a new weekend highlight to look forward to.

Top Reasons to Try Method Climb

Rock climbing is good for your mind, body, and social life. You’ll also find it’s a great weekend hobby to pick up because:

  • Rock climbing is affordable
  • You can improve quickly
  • It fuels your desire for adventure
  • There’s always a new goal
  • You don’t have to prep or plan much, so it’s low-key

Come try Method Climb – opening in Spring! Experience one of our fitness, yoga, or recovery classes; take on the challenge of our climbing terrain; relax in our cafe and lounge. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates!