Find Community With Your Rock Climbing Tribe

By method

There are a lot of ways to meet people- in class, at work, when you’re out on the town. But have you ever thought about trying rock climbing to make friends? You might be surprised at the amazing community that forms around this type of adventurous activity. Rock climbing is unique, and the people who are drawn to it are too.

Check out these reasons rock climbing develops a fantastic sense of community.

What Kind of People Are Drawn to Rock Climbing?

While some stereotypes suggest rock climbing is just for rugged, outdoorsy folks, rock climbing gyms prove otherwise. Yes, you might find people in the gym who do spend tons of time in parks scaling natural cliffs. But, you’ll also probably see college students, families, young adults, and even older folks.

People from all backgrounds find their tribe at the rock climbing gym. Here’s what they tend to have in common:

  • A sense of adventure
  • A love for puzzles or challenges
  • A desire to have fun
  • An encouraging attitude
  • A willingness to casually connect and help others

Not everyone is going to be a fitness buff at a rock climbing gym. Since rock climbing is so good for you, though, health is often a priority for the community you find there. 

What Makes Rock Climbing Social?

Why does this activity draw the sorts of people it does, especially given how diverse rock climbing communities tend to be? Part of the answer lies in the natural aspects of rock climbing itself.

First, at a rock climbing gym, everyone’s sharing the same space. Routes overlap or parallel each other. Sharing wall space makes it easy to chat casually. Sometimes it’s just you against the wall, focused. But often, you also have opportunities to travel near someone else, cross paths, and just say hi. If you follow a similar route, you can chat as you climb easily.

Another social aspect of climbing is helping each other out. There can be competitions, but those are specific events, not the rule. When you go to a rock climbing gym, everyone else there is just trying to conquer their next individual challenge too. So, you can offer each other advice. You can volunteer to belay someone else’s climb. It’s totally okay to say “you’re doing great!” or to hang out and cheer each other on. 

What’s Rock Climbing Culture Like?

Probably because of the relaxed, positive social elements of rock climbing, the culture in a gym like Method Climbing + Fitness is typically helpful and supportive. It’s not usually as individualized as workouts in more typical gym settings, like a row of treadmills where everyone’s out of breath. Rock climbing walls make sharing somewhat necessary. So, the culture naturally lends itself to chatting. Since competition isn’t the main goal, people often want to compare notes, strategies, and even chat about everyday things. 

As a bonus, if rock climbing is “me-time” for you, people usually get that. Pop in your headphones, stick to nodding instead of chatting, or hang out in your own space on the wall. Then, you can enjoy the quiet when you’re not feeling social.

Where Can You Find a Rock Climbing Tribe? 

Method Climbing + Fitness is a rock climbing gym committed to fostering a vibrant community. To make the experience even more social, you can find your tribe at one of our events! We’re also a great weekend destination for having fun and making friends. In the meantime, get connected by signing up for our newsletter.