How Rock Climbing is The Perfect Activity for Your Transition from Work to Home

By method

When the clock hits five, do you leave your desk and head right home, only to feel like you waste time during rush-hour or get home and lose all motivation to do the things you really want to? It’s a common problem. “Happy hour,” the time between the end of the workday and night time, is a period that can destroy your momentum or boost it. 

Make the most of those in-between moments. Here’s how rock climbing is the perfect way to spend your transition from work to home.

#1: Rock Climbing Clears Your Head

Everyone knows what it’s like to go directly from thinking about the data, clients, or processes that drive you at work to thinking about the rest of your life (like your loved ones, responsibilities, what’s for dinner, etc.). That can be a jarring, stressful, and murky transition! It helps to have time to clear your head.

That’s where climbing comes in. Your mind can ease through the transition from work to home as you problem-solve your next route, chat with climbing buddies, and move up the wall at your own pace. You get to have fun and clear your mind as you get a workout adventure.

#2: You Squeeze in a Workout

One of the challenges of a work-life balance is finding time to take care of yourself, especially by exercising. Squeezing in a workout after work has a ton of benefits, and rock climbing counts as a full-body workout.

Some of the perks of post-work workouts include:

  • Getting endorphins and a mood-boost before heading home
  • Having time for your metabolism to work between exercise and bedtime
  • Using up energy so you can sleep well at night
  • Being more alert and awake than during early morning or late night workouts
  • Reducing the risk of giving in to cravings or excuses

#3: It’s Time to Socialize

Workouts between work and home are sometimes called “the fitness happy hour.” This trend changes the traditional happy hour of getting drinks into a time to socialize while exercising. 

Rock climbing is the ultimate “fitness happy hour” because it’s naturally social. You can go with friends, or make friends there. Climbing gym culture is supportive, encouraging, and friendly. 

#4: You Get to Accomplish Goals You Care About

Even if you love your job, there are probably times you wish you could just do your own thing and work towards your own goals. Rock climbing is a great release for doing just that!

Set aside office standards and politics. Put your responsibilities at home out of mind for a little while. Just focus on the climbing wall and the goals you have for yourself. Your sense of accomplishment will be sweet, your fitness will reach the next level, and you’ll head home feeling on top of the world!

#5: Your Kids Can Come Too

If part of your everyday routine after leaving work is picking your kids up from school, daycare, and other activities, you can still have a “fitness happy hour.” Just bring your kids climbing with you! Rock climbing is a family-friendly activity and a great way to get a workout without mom-guilt. 

#6: We Make It Extra-Convenient for You

To make sure Method Climbing + Fitness is a great way to transition from work to home, we offer plenty of conveniences. There’s a traditional gym as well as a rock climbing gym, for instance, so you can mix up your routine as desired. Our cafe and lounge offer food, drink, and wi-fi. We host classes, competitions, and social events.  

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